• Eastern Steel #3 Coke Oven Heat Load Testing Successful

    At 9:28am of 28 May 2021, #28 Carbonization Chamber of #3 Coke Oven has produced first furnace of coke and the heat load testing of Coke Oven #3 is successful.

    Eastern Steel Coke Energy Project has started from 15 February 2020. Coke Energy Department has overcome difficulties such as outbreak of COVID-19, tight schedule, heavy task, etc. by teamworking. They actively carry out construction management and coordinate task, and clear all the obstacles to the project immediately. After a series of testing of equipment such as impactor, coal charging car, coke quenching machine, the coke was successfully produced with good maturation, and reached: M25 91.6%, M10 5.8%, CRI 27.7% and CSR 66.5%, the qualified indicators.

    Now, masonry of main structure #1 Coke Oven and furnace will be carried out in late June. The basic construction of #2 and #4 Coke Oven is also carried out orderly and rapidly. The coke production scale of 8 million tons per year will be formed by the end of 2022, which also another milestone for the overseas development of Jian Long Group.

    Written and Photo by: Coke Energy Dept. Miao Qiang

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