• ESSB Sets New Production Record for Iron and Steel Again

    Even COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia has become more serious in the May, and production and operation of company has affected by the Movement Control Order 3.0. But Eastern Steel still keep up with industry trends, seized opportunities, and insisted the principle of "improving production and efficiency" throughout overall process in production and operation. Besides, employees of each department are follow various epidemic prevention measures, fulfilling their duties, carry out inspection and operation carefully. The iron and steel production achieved total 8 breakthroughs through their efforts, and the production record was set many times in May.

    The production of crude iron was reached 2535 tons on 8 May, it broke the record of 2525 tons on 11 May 2019. Then set the new record again on 9th May with 2564 tons and. On 15 May, the 600m3 blast furnace reached production of 2585tons, the utilization factor of 4.31 reached advanced level of the industry.

    The production of steel slab was reached 3011 tons of on 7 May, it broke the record of 2892 tons on 19 Jan 2020. Then the production of steel slab has set the new record again by 3038 tons on 10 May and 3055 tons on 26 May.

    The monthly production of crude iron in May is 76087.92 tons, it has break the best historical records of 75264.37 tons in December 2019. The monthly production of steel slab in May is 80746.64 tons, it has break the best record of 75644.83tons set in December 2019, and also exceeded 80,000 tons for the first time.

    Written by: P&T Dept. Guan YanJie