• Eastern Steel has Passed ISO9001 2021 Annual Audit Successfully

    12-13 August, China Certification & Inspection Co., Ltd., has carried out audit for 2 days based on ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and carried out opening and closing meeting as audit planning. The audit is conducted by video conference because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The auditor has carried out the meticulous inspecting on each company department through verified the related documents, photos and videos.

    The opening meeting was carried from 9:00am to 9:30am on 12 August. Company CEO Mr. Wang Sheng Hua, CPO Mr. Hu YuXin and head of each department were presented the meeting. The leader of auditor, Mr. Deng RiHong has read out the scope of the audit, introduced the schedule and grouping situation, and made a commitment to confidentiality on behalf of the audit team. Then Mr. Wang emphasizing the importance of quality management, and all department should make an all-out effort coordinate with auditors as possible with humble attitude to study and accept the opinions of auditors in order to ensure the quality management is able to operate consistently.

    After 2 days of audition, the final meeting was held at 5:00 pm of 13 August. During the meeting, the auditor team has elaborated on the specific conditions and opinion of the audit respectively. After that, Mr. Deng has read out the audit report as a confirmation on the continuous effectiveness of the operation of Eastern Steel quality management system.

    Finally, Mr. Wang made a concluding speech on behalf of the company and expressed his sincere gratitude to the auditors for their hard work. He also asked all departments should carry out self-inspection to improve company quality management system continuously.

    Written by: P&T Dept. Li ZhangHua