• Eastern Steel #1 Coke Oven Coaling and Put into Production Successfully

    At 9:08am of 26 September 2021, the #8 Carbonization Chamber of #1 Coke Oven has coaling and put into production successfully.

    The roasting of #1 Coke Oven has start from 28 July 2021, it took 61 days until coaling and put into production on 26 September 2021. During this time, within the support of company top management and relevant departments, Coke Energy Department has overcome various obstacle which caused by COVID-19 pandemic such as manpower shortage and absent of the expert for guiding the roasting process of furnace. But they still made a good team and race against time to carry out the preparation task before furnace roasting, temperature control task during furnace roasting and preparation task before coaling and put into production as scheduled.

    The coaling and put into production of #1 Coke Oven is not only one of the important progress of company important project, but also another new profit growing point which allowed Eastern Steel to move further towards to achieve 800,000 tons coke production scale per year.

    Written and Photo by: Coke Energy Dept. Sun HongFu

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