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  • IMP main equipment comprise of a 100㎡ sintering machine and a 600m3 blast furnace.

  • A raw material stock yard capable of storing over 300,000MT of raw materials, fuels and auxiliary materials.

  • Loading System of blast furnace adopts a series of tank-type bell top charging system which able to achieve circular multi-layer material distribution, and the furnace is equipped with an imaging system and a furnace temperature measuring device.

  • Air supply system is equipped by an axial flow blower unit with adjustable full vane BPRT residual pressure booster.

  • Pulverized Coal Injection System is obtain a vertical medium speed coal mill for coal injection in a blast furnace.


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  • Currently our capacity is 700,000 tons/year. The main equipment comprises of a 600-ton mixed furnace, a 65-ton converter furnace, a 65-ton ladle furnace, a single-flow slab continuous casting machine, a six-strand billet continuous casting machine, casting hoist and there is a total of 17 other cranes.

  • OG system and dust bag is used for the first and second dedusting of blown converter. 4 slag pool of 5m*7m*5m are able to process 300 thousand tons of slag per year.

Power and Energy

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  • Power and energy plant comprise of High Voltage Distribution System, Oxygen Generating System, Fuel Gas System and etc.

  • High Voltage Distribution System includes a 275/33KV substation and two 90MW main transformer.

  • Oxygen Generating System includes a 10000m3/h oxygen generator; and the air separation unit is able to produce 10000m3/h of oxygen 、 15000m3/h of nitrogen and 350m3/h of argon. Besides, Oxygen Generating System is also able to manufacture liquid oxygen and liquid argon for sale.